A Reputed House For Overhead Transmission Line Material

Address:- 10A/480,Dhanukar Building,Resham Bazar, Mumbai- 400 002.India Tel : +91 (22) 205 45 87 / 205 38 93 Fax : +91 (22) 209 52 25



BGB was established in the year 1955 as a supplier of Overhead transmission line equipments. Within a short span of time, we became leading suppliers of various Electricity Boards in India and also to Industries.We are manufacturing the complete range of:-

-Low Tension Porcelain Insulators, Bushing and Switchgears
-High Tension Porcelain Insulators and Drop out Fuse sets.
-Brass glands and Accessories. Our products are manufactures as per relevant IS, ANSI, BS Standards.

We also manufacture the Isolators, Glands & Insulators as per the customer's specifications. H.T. Insulators, glands are tested and approved by Central Power Research Institute - Bhopal & Central Mining Research Institute - Dhanbad.

We have maintained & adopted stringent quality control at all levels of manufacturing which has resulted in good quality products and hence we have kept our customers satisfied over the years. All our products are being used in Power Utilities, Oil, Petrochemical, Sugar, Cement, Pharmaceutical Industries etc.

Our products are also being exported to various countries in Asia & Africa like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Nigeria, etc.
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