A Reputed House For Overhead Transmission Line Material

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BGB make center rotating type Triple Pole outdoor disconnecting switches for higher Line current breaking capacity for line Isolators as well as Bus Bar Isolators. The isolators are having a fixed and moving contacts made of HDHC . Copper and die forged fingers of phosphorus bronze having inherent non deteriorating spring quality at high temperature and corrosion proof.

The assembly of fixed and moving contains is based on self compensating principle, to withstand both thermal and dynamic stresses of short circuit currents and still carry the continuous rated current with plenty of margin under the maximum specified temperature. All ferrous parts are hot dipped galvanized and non ferrous parts are heavily tin platted to provide protection against corrosion, contacts for higher current rating are silver platted.

Earth switch can be easily installed on each pole at either end and interlocked mechanically with the main switch the auxiliary switches can be provided for man as well as for earth switch. Electrical interlock can be provided, Electrical motor drive mechanism complete with reduction gear and torque limiting safety features can also be provided. Isolators are manufactures in normal and solid core post insulators range covering from 6.6 KV to 220 KV approved by CPRI
(Bangalore) in accordance to IS - 1818/72 and IS 9921( part - 4) 1985.
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