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L.T insulators are guided by the relative reliability of the secondary lines and constructional practices adopted by different electricity supplying undertakings. Two sizes of shackle insulators are widely used in India for tension as well as tangent locations depending upon conductor sizes. These are 90mm x 75mm and 115mm x 100mm having the failing load of 1.15KN and 16 KN respectively. Pin insulators are also provided with a top groove and threaded to take mild steel pin. The pin insulator are generally suitable for a minimum failing load of 3.5 KN.

Guy strain insulator give protection in the event of a broken live conductor accidentally energizing a guy wire and remaining in contact with the live line which does not trip in such cases the bottom portion of the guy wire would have no voltage due to insulation of guy strain insulator which is normally installed in the middle of the guy wire.

The insulator stated are in accordance to Pin type ( IS- 1445 and AS- 1137) , Spool type( ANSI- C 29.3) , Shackle type ( IS-1445, DIN and AS-1137 part 2)
Guy strain type(IS-5300, ANSI-C29.4 and AS-1137 part4) and telephone type(BS-16) for all common application such as tangent, tension, anchor cable insulation and telephone lines.

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